San Carlos
Serving the Children of the World

To make a charitable donation to The Eliminate Project, through the Kiwanis Club of San Carlos, please complete the information below.  Your donation will be used only for The Eliminate Project.

US$1.80 protects 1 woman and her future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus, 
a deadly but preventable disease.
Single Gift/Donation: 
 $1,250.00 - Walter Zeller Fellowship (receive a Zeller medallion, lapel pin and certificate)
 $625.00 - Impact 350 Lives (pin included with this gift level)
 $350.00 - Impact 175 Lives (pin included with this gift level)
 $180.00 - Impact 100 Lives (no pin associated with this gift level)


To make a single gift/donation by mail, or to make a pledge with scheduled regular payments, please print out, complete and mail The Eliminate Project pledge form found here.

For more information about The Eliminate Project, visit and